File a Claim

By submitting this form you confirm that this submission constitutes the extent of the damages that occurred during my move with Heft and that you have submitted all relevant information needed for processing my damage claim. Additionally, you acknowledge that you will be unable to submit any additional damages after this form is sent.

Note: The maximum reimbursement for Base Value Protection is $0.60/lb/item per the terms of Heft’s service. Your claim will be processed based on the amount of valuation you selected for your move prior to service. All of our communications regarding damage claims is done through e – mail. This creates a record of every amount and solution agreed upon. The claims process may include communicating with the employees (movers) on your move in order to settle any disputes. The claims process may also include communicating with a qualified third party in order to have damages assessed. Please do not dispose of any damaged items unless the item is hazardous to the safety of the individuals in possession of the item. Please do not attempt to repair any damaged item or area. Disposing of damaged items or attempting to repair damaged items may negate your claim. We ask that this form be submitted within 3 business days of the job during which the damages occurred. Heft reserves the right to close a claim as-is when 30 days have passed since this form’s submission.